Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The flight out

We were supposed to fly out of Chicago's O'Hare airport on Monday January 6th around 7pm. When we booked our flight for this day we had no clue that 1) it was going to snow all day the day before and 2) that the temperature was going to be in the negatives all day Monday. Hindsight and all that. When we got to the airport we found out that most flights were going to be running a little late due to the freezing cold. We got some drinks at a restaurant and when we finished we walked over to our gate. When we got there we found out that our flight had changed gates and was a little further away from us. When we got to the right gate the board showed us still leaving on time. If only that had been true.

Our original gate.

We sat down and waited and waited and then we waited some more. Our original boarding time came and went. We asked what was going on and we were told that due to the really cold temperatures, that our plane was not ready yet. Mind you it was already dark outside and in the negatives, I didn't hold it against the poor airport workers outside if they moved slower than normal because it was really damn cold outside.
The first of many beard pictures! At our new gate waiting forever before we could board the plane.
Our plane which sat there taunting us for several hours.
I took a nap and when I woke up we heard an announcement that our plane would be ready at 8:30 pm. I tried to raise a cheer but sadly all I got was a bunch of people looking at me funny. Apparently being happy that we could FINALLY board the plane was frowned upon. We all started lining up and eventually we were able to board the plane! Huzzah! Well maybe the cheering was a tad bit premature because we sat on the plane for almost two hours before we finally got the plane loaded and de-iced. We finally left Chicago around 10:30pm, almost four hours later than our original departure time.
The view from out seats as we waited for what seemed like forever before we could finally take off.
One of the stewardess seats was right in front of our seats. It was very awkward having her sit in front of us like that.
 Our flight was eight hours of boredom and very little sleep due to small and uncomfortable seats but eventually we heard the captain announce that were almost there!
The first view we had of Switzerland.
We landed and picked up all our baggage and smiled to each other because we were finally in Zurich! Like Bilbo Baggins, my wife and I were going on an adventure!
All our bags.

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  1. Glad you finally made it to Zurich safely. It does seem awkward to have that stewardess sitting in front of you , but I think it was more awkward for her especially with you taking her picture!