Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Dat Food

We've been here a little under a month and in that time we've had our share of meals here. Of course I've also made us lunch/dinner but I've made boring stuff that can be made in the US. All everyone wants to see is the delicious Swiss food. So here's a bunch of pictures of all the delicious meals that we've had here. I'm sure there are more but these are the few we remembered to actually take pictures of. ;-)

The first meal I had here: a club sandwich.

This is called a Godmother, a vodka and amaretto mixture. Was delicious!

This is a chicken food truck that has the best rotisserie chicken I've ever had. One day I'll remember to post a picture of the chicken before I eat it all. Maybe.

Our first burger here! MURICA! This place included a mayo salad on the burger which was not that great and was scraped off.

Can't go wrong with some delicious vodka drinks!

I was assured by a fellow customer that this pizza place made the best pizza in the city. This Hawaiian pizza was tasty but the jury is still out if its the best in the city.

This was a burger from a place called "Holy Cow." No I am not translating that for you folks, the place is actually called Holy Cow. The burger wasn't that bad.

We felt homesick and decided to hit up McDonalds for some good old fashioned American food. Was tasty and felt like I was back home.

Can't go wrong with assorted chocolates from one of the many local chocolate places nearby.

The drink on the left was a Long Island Iced Tea and the one on the right was a Tequila Sunrise. Was definitely the weirdest Long Island I've ever had but it was pretty good.

This fajita was a normal sized portion and they only gave me one tortilla for it.
This was the fajita tortilla creation I made and let me tell you, it was delicious!

After dinner drinks, an amaretto and coke(with coke bottle!) for my wife and an amaretto sour for me.

Most soda at restaurants is served in a bottle here.

Some ribs and season potato wedges. Not as good as I hoped but still pretty tasty.

Clearly we need to get this back home! Red Bull Vodka liqueur. Not quite what I expected but it wasn't too bad either.
This will be the first of many food related blog posts I plan to make. =D

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  1. I'm hungry just looking at the pictures. Hmm, a lot of alcohol - should make your stay pretty comfortable.!?!?!?!?!?