Thursday, March 20, 2014

Parisian Outing

"Hey what would you think about spending Valentines day in Paris?"

With those words my wife started us on a Valentines day that neither of would ever forget. Or top. I actually told her that this was the peak of romantic Valentines days for the rest of our marriage. Next year she is getting a hug and a handshake because we have used up the well of romance.I mean honestly how can you top Paris?

Our trip was a five day trip and we took A LOT of pictures so expect several posts that cover each day. To start off here is the first day:

We took the train to Paris so we had to head to the Zurich Train station really early in the morning.
Since it was Valentines Day weekend Lindt was giving away handfuls of free chocolate.

Seats weren't too uncomfortable for the trip thankfully.

The Swiss train finally starts moving!

We bought a jelly donut for our breakfast. Here this is called a Berliner.

Very pretty Swiss countryside.

We started seeing rustic French villages.

When we left the train station, we took a subway to our hotel and when we left the subway we saw these footsteps with numbers on them. They were to let people know where to walk for each subway train.

The street near our hotel!

A church.

On the street near our hotel, a subway!

A rather large department store. We thought it was just a small department store until we walked in and spent a while walking from one end to the other. It was several blocks long.

My French dinner! There's a burger patty under the mashed carrots.

My wife's lasagna.
The view of the Eiffel tower as seen from our lunch location in the department store.

The rather LARGE department store at night.

My delicious dinner the first night. Chicken and fries!

My wife's burger and fries.

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