Thursday, June 19, 2014

Lourve Love

After much fun and wandering around the first day in Paris, we decided to head to bed. Day two dawned and we had a busy day planned and first up was the Lourve! After some googling directions we headed off on what was a 20 minute or so walk to the museum. Expect A LOT of pictures for this one! You have been warned:
I forget if this was a church or another museum but it did look cool.

I never got close enough to this thing to find out what this was for but it looked cool.

Random graffiti I saw.

The Lourve!

The Eiffel tower.

All the cool kids crash a panoramic picture twice.
Also said cool kids wave to themselves in said panoramic picture.

The metal detector/line that we didn't have to go through because we were awesome and had a Paris museum card. Waiting in line is for suckers.

Apparently you could rent a nintendo 3ds and use it as an audio guide for the museum. Lot of people were walking around with them and they looked cool.

Clearly this statue had a quest reward for me.

Lourve'ing it up!

I felt I pulled off this pose better.

Apparently trying to sit in this chair was FROWNED UPON!

This monk had lasers that shot at whatever that flying thing is supposed to be.

This monk looked seriously shady

This was a rather LONG hall with a lot of pretty works of art.

Oh me? I'm just sitting here chilling.

Close up of the statue's sword pommel.

It was pretty rad looking.

Cool art.
And here is someone who was painting their own version.

It looked pretty good in my opinion.

The second most famous half smile half smirk in history, the first being Han Solo's smile/smirk of course.

Closer pic.

Mona Lisa Selfie! Because what else do you do when near such a famous piece of art?

I prepared and dressed appropriately for the day. =D

Another person painting their own version of art on the wall.

Found a window and took a few pictures of the front area of the museum.

So no joke but this portrait totally looks like my buddy Derek. It's seriously eerie.

I stumbled upon the North American 1700s art area.

Good old George.

No museum is complete without skull artwork with a real skull.

All the cool kids are a Taurus.

That royal bling.

I might have found another window to look out of.

And so ends my trip to the Lourve, with a bad selfie in front of the sign up front! =D

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